Thursday, 9 July 2015

A passion when followed helps us to break free of the daily monotonous life helping us leave our daily control freak life. As we each one would agree that our life is total mad race of reaching from place to another, finishing one task to another, getting up and going to bed and there comes an end to the day. So each one need to take a break from this and travelling is a beautiful means for it.

Travelling directs us towards new thoughts, ideas and even newer dreams giving us no time to ponder over our daily dose of worries and tensions. We are able to transform our self into a completely carefree individual and live a few days of our life the way we need. It gives us a chance to reflect upon the life we are living through, the worthiness of our work and gives us chance to take a fresh start or plunge into a new change.

Travelling changes the perspective of looking towards life and ourselves. it helps us to embrace our life with greater passion and enthusiasm at the same time bring about a positive change in our life. It gives us an insight to experience and understand newer cultures, varsity of food, differing clothing and jewelries and many non believable and fantastic fantasies. it inculcates newer regims and habits at the same time encourages to leave behind the older ones.

The most interesting aspect of travelling which i cherish is the memories which we accumulate in this course of the journey. the people we travel with whether family or friends and the the people we meet together make memories for lifetime which is unforgettable and beyond helps us to move forward in our relationship with stronger bonds. It helps us to view our life and relations with a different perspective and cement it with stronger bonds. the photographs clicked, the craziness carried out together, the food munched on, the hotels stayed all will just remain in the memories lifelong.

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