Sunday, 12 July 2015

It is rightly said by someone that "it is better to see something once than to  hear about it a thousands times ."

One of the essence of travelling through different cities and places gives us a chance to meet differing kinds of people with different characters, stature, habits, behaviors and many unique characteristics. People of different regions gives us an insight into their culture and tradition. It gives us a new perspective of taking into consideration our customs and values and embrace it with greater importance. Meeting people with different attitude and way of living would make us realize what we are and be grateful for what we are and at the same time help us to learn to be happier with lesser things.

It also gives us an insight to discover things , those which we could never have understood or grasped from the books or varying articles. Getting mixed with the locals and finding out their opinions, learning the local slang, eating local cuisines and immersing in their culture as much as possible helps is learning the real essence of the world. and seeing the scenic beauties of varying surroundings helps us to understand the importance of nature and its relevance in our life. And the incredible wildlife which we come across gives us an understanding of how small we are amidst the creatures of these universe yet so powerful we are....

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