Sunday, 5 June 2016

Gujarat Diaries:Dabhoi

Originally known by the name of Darbhavati is small city and a municipality in Vadodara district of Gujarat. It is an ancient town with beautiful fortification and has found its description in Jain scriptures of Girnar. The town established in the 6th century owes its foundation and fortification to the Solanki king, Siddharth Jaisingh. It has an impressive sweeping grandeur and a finer detail of iconography and architectural styles on its walls. The elaborately exquisite stone carving is marvelous in itself. It is one of the rare survival of Hindu military architectural, which includes shastriya traditions as per the vaastu scriptures making it more monumental.

The kingdom of Dahboi after the fall of Patan cam under the Muslim rulers which was in 1300 AD. It also grounds the famous battle fought between Sarsenpati Trimbakrao Dabhade and Bajirao Peshwa on April 1st, 1731. One of the great Gujarati poet, Dayaram who composed many Garbis and also a devotee of Ranchhodraiji of Dakor took his last breath on the soil of this place. There are around 6 jain temples hence its a pilgrimage place for the Jains among which Shri Lodhan Parshvanath temple is the main attraction.

There are four gates in the town in each cardinal direction. It has indirect entry, located in the middle of each side of the fort wall. Hira Bhagol the most elaborately and beautifully carved gate is in the east.According to the legend the mason who built this gate was buried under it as a punishment for trying to built a pool for his beloved. This eastern side of the citadel has a temple of Kalika mata. there are six pilasters on each side. Both the faces of gates are decorated with sculptural representations of Hindu deities. On the inner side there is an inscriptions composed by Someshwar Dev. The Vadodara gate in the west, the Champaner gate in the north and the Nandod gate in the south. The Nandod gate is famous for its carved brackets. This region also has a large number of temples of different deities.

Another interesting fact of Dahboi, it has one of the oldest narrow gauge railway junctions. It is worth a look for all the enthusiast.

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